Marine Drill Instructor Kevin McDugle grants wishes at Soldier’s Wish Dinner

Marine Drill Instructor grants wish

Written By Kevin McDugle

Marine Drill Instructor Kevin McDugle grants several wishes at the Soldier’s Wish Dinner in Tulsa, OK to William Kleinedler.

Kevin McDugle said “Last week I had the privilege to host our third Soldier’s Wish Dinner in Tulsa!  We had close to 500 un attendance and we raised a lot of money which will go directly to those who have served and sacrificed so much.  We granted 3 wishes on the stage.”

The first wish was for a young soldier who served in the army with an infantry unit.  When she left the Army she has to deal with the effects of PTS, in fact she thought that her kids deserved better and she had thoughts of taking her own life.  Ann had moved into an apartment with her 3 kids and had no furniture, some kind sole purchased furniture so her kids would have beds.  I was able to surprise Ann by bringing her up on stage and giving her a check that will make her Christmas a little more special.

John Cocker was our second wish and we were able to surprise him as well.  John was in a battle in Afghanistan and was shot in the legs.  Three of his comrades lost their lives that day and two others were wounded.  John had to make a complete career change due to his injuries.  He is now furthering his studies and getting a degree which will help him help others.  We were able to surprise John with a Mac Computer, printer and all the peripherals.  I am excited to see what John does in the future.  He is so amazing he continues to sacrifice for others.

Our final wish went to William Kleinedler and you can see the news report here