Marine Corps Drill Instructor is the Tulsa Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

I was so excited to be the first Marine Corps Drill Instructor to be the Grand Marshal in the Tulsa Christmas Parade.  Tonight I will also be granting a very special wish.  Below are the details.

We received a wish through the Soldier’s Wish website.  A lady said her next door neighbor had lost her husband in Afghanistan.  Her and her three daughters had been devastated by the loss.  The lady asked if we could send the family to Disney World or Sea World or somewhere fun to ease their pain just a little.  When we talked with the family to find out where they wanted to go they told us they wanted to go see their daddy’s grave in Arlington, VA.  My heart sunk and after a long pause I knew we were going to make it happen.  At the Soldier’s Wish dinner last week we raised over $10,000 for the wish.  Not only will the girls get to go to Arlington but they will also get connected with Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s office and they will get a special tour of our Nations Capital.

Santa and I tonight will be giving them their wish and a ton of Christmas presents.  I am so humbled by the sacrifices of great families like this.  The girls dad paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for our country.  We need to all remember those around us who have given so much.