Book Review – Marine Corps Association

I was quite surprised to see that “Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor” actually received a book review that was printed in Marines Magazine!  When I first read the review I thought it was headed down a southern path.  Toward the end of the review it actually said the following:

Put this one on your shelf with Thomas E. Ricks’ “Making the Corps” and James Webb’s “I Heard My Country Calling” as essential reading.

“Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor” should be required reading for any older teenager who plans to join the Marine Corps. Not only is it a sharp narrative, it is downright fun to read. It speaks volumes about the responsibilities of being a United States Marine.

To see the full review you can click here.  I was honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as James Webb and Thomas E. Ricks!  Semper Fi!!