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Book Review – Marine Corps Association

I was quite surprised to see that “Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor” actually received a book review that was printed in Marines Magazine!  When I first read the review I thought it was headed down a southern path.  Toward the end of the review it actually said the following: Put this one […]

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Marine Corps Drill Instructor is the Tulsa Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

I was so excited to be the first Marine Corps Drill Instructor to be the Grand Marshal in the Tulsa Christmas Parade.  Tonight I will also be granting a very special wish.  Below are the details. We received a wish through the Soldier’s Wish website.  A lady said her next door neighbor had lost her […]

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Marine Drill Instructor Kevin McDugle grants wishes at Soldier’s Wish Dinner

Marine Drill Instructor grants wishWritten By Kevin McDugleMarine Drill Instructor Kevin McDugle grants several wishes at the Soldier’s Wish Dinner in Tulsa, OK to William Kleinedler. Kevin McDugle said “Last week I had the privilege to host our third Soldier’s Wish Dinner in Tulsa!  We had close to 500 un attendance and we raised a lot […]

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Giving Back

To me giving back is a vital key that most of us who have served in the military know all too well. I am amazed at the Marines, soldiers, sailors, airman and coastguardsman that I meet who were once willing to give their life for their country and they are still willing to give today. […]

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SNAP SIR! That simple word could mean so much and if not obeyed could cause recruits to fly. Some platoons would say “Click” at the sound of EYEBALLS. Most civilians would not have a clue what “EYEBALLS” means. For those of you reading this it is simple and I will explain below. A Marine DI […]

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