Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor

Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor tells how Drill Instructor Sergeant McDugle was charge with 48 counts of verbal abuse and 38 counts of physical abuse on his first day as a drill instructor.  This Marine Drill Instructor story may be more common than one might think.  What really goes on inside the mind of a Marine Drill Instructor?

For over 238 years of romp stompin, death dealing destruction, you would rather pack an alligators butt with dynamite than to mess with the corps. Marine Corps Drill Instructors have trained the meanest, most disciplined gutsy fighting machine the world has ever known, the US Marine. Every Marine has had nightmares about their DI. Some are loved and others are hated but all of them made Marines. Stories have been told for years about the legendary Marine Drill Instructor. They are physically fit, well disciplined, with razor creases, and eyeballs that can cut your soul when they look your way. A Marine Drill Instructor can run farther, move faster and fight longer than any other drill instructor because his mind is strong. The Germans called Marines Teufelshunden (Devil Dog) at the battle of Belleau Wood. A Marine Drill Instructor may choke you or spit in your face but everything he does is for a purpose. DI’s make Marines out of some of the nastiest god forsaken excuse for humans you have ever seen. The German’s called him Devil Dog his real name is Marine.

Inside the mind of a Marine Drill Instructor is simply a compilation of the stories of Kevin McDugle as he lived out his time at Parris Island as a Marine Drill Instructor. Find out why Drill Instructors do what they do and find out how Marines are made.

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the Author

Kevin McDugle served in the Marines from 1988 until 1996. McDugle’s service included: security forces at Bangor, Washington with first Batallion 8th Marines, 2nd ANGLICO, and as a drill instructor at Paris Island, South Carolina.

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A Word From
Tony Orlando

Inside the Mind of a Marine Drill Instructor is a book that takes you through the heart, mind, body and soul of an United States Marine Drill Instructor who truly loves his country and God. I have personally witnessed a few seconds of this drill instructor treating me like a Marine recruit, and I still shudder at the thought of having to live 90 days of boot camp as a Marine recruit. So step inside the mind of Marine Drill Instructor, Sergeant McDugle, and you will gain a new respect for all Marines. This book is a literary wish come true.

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Marine Drill Instructors have trained the meanest & most disciplined fighting machine in the world. Stories have been told for years about the legendary Marine Drill Instructor. Do you have a Drill Instructor story to share? Fill out the form below and your story may be featured on this website.

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